Oriental Rug Cleaning

Nothing adds to the beauty of a room, or your home, like a magnificent oriental rug! Oriental rugs, 

days or traveling and are pressed for time? Professional on the go and don’t have time to do laundry? Do both you and your spouse work and would rather spend your free time with your family rather than washing and drying your clothes. These are perfect situations were professional wash, dry, and fold services from Village Cleaners is the right solution. Bring in your laundry and we will get it ready to go – 5lb minimum. Contact us for more information.

However, a wide variety of elements influence a shirt’s behavior in cleaning and use. Some elements can be controlled by proper care procedures. Others are actually inherent properties of the shirt that may influence cleaning success. Some of the common problems which may arise during a laundering process are as follows: discoloration of armhole seams, perspiration and antiperspirant damage, interfacing defects, cracked buttons, fugitive dyes, holes and tears in Oxford shirts, and shrinkage.

Cotton and cotton blend dress shirts and blouses are professionally washed and pressed. Starch can be added if a hard finish is desired. They can be folded for travel if requested. At Village Cleaners missing or broken buttons are replaced free of charge.

FAQ: How Long Should a Shirt Last?

(Wear life expectancy)

Determining how long a shirt should last is difficult due to variances in frequency of wear. However, industry experience shows that, on average, shirts have a two-year life expectancy. The number of launderings is a better measurement method. The average shirt should have a wear life of 35 to 50 washings. This will fluctuate depending on the amount of abrasion and strain placed on the shirt during wear, the fiber content, the type of fabric, and the laundering procedure. Contact us for more information.

Quality Dry Cleaning

It all starts when you bring your clothes in for dry cleaning or laundry services. We will ask you


and Pillows

Sometimes we are asked to clean comforters and pillows simply because of their size. Other times it’s because the 

Professional Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

the cushion covers continue to match the rest of the furniture and reduces the possibility of shrinkage. The zippers on furniture cushions are generally used by the manufacturer to get the cushion into the upholstery covering, not to remove the covering for cleaning. Cleaning codes have been adopted by the American Furniture Manufacturers to help consumers better understand upholstery care. These codes can often be found attached to the upholstery item or may be found on a  label.
On Site Tailoring 
and Clothing Alterations

At Village Cleaners we have experienced tailors

 if there are any spots or stains that may require special treatment. However, even if you are not aware of any spots, your garments will undergo a thorough inspection for spots, stains and broken buttons which are replaced at no charge.

When cleaning your garments, we adhere to the garment manufacturers guidelines that are on the tag in every garment. Sometimes a different care method is necessary due to the type of soil and spots on the garment. You will be contacted to discuss the potential risks involved in any alternative cleaning method that may be recommended.

We may, at times, suggest an alternative method based upon our knowledge, skill, or the type of soil or stains on the garment; or you may request a different method. Either way, we will carefully consider all options and advise you before beginning any requested process.

Some garments may possess invisible damages or weaknesses not apparent at the time of drop off. This damage or weakness may re-emerge or deteriorate during the normal laundering or dry cleaning process.

Some examples of such damages or weaknesses include: holes in fabric due to moth bite, color loss due to contact with beaching agents, invisible stains, discoloration due to perspiration or antiperspirants. Some stains may not be removed due to the length of time, type of fabric, and the type of stain. For more information on the subject, you may contact us.

years. A higher price does not necessarily mean that they will last longer than less expensive draperies. The greatest concern with draperies is the conditions they are exposed to in your home. That’s why we carefully examine and evaluate them before undertaking any cleaning procedures. If we determine through examination that there is a concern, we may discuss with you the potential risk of cleaning them.

Leather and Suede

Leather looks good, and you look good wearing it. To keep it that way, CLEAN IT EVERY YEAR. Our leather specialist knows how to best clean and

Draperies and Linens

We often clean and restore  draperies. With proper care, draperies made of an average grade of fabric can be expected to last three to five 

Wash, Dry,

and Fold Laundry Service

Washer or dryer need repair and can’t get a repairman out for a few 

Laundry Services (Shirts)

Commercial laundering is one of the best ways to give shirts that “professional crisp look.”

Cary: 919-468-0199  - Holly Springs: 919-567-8333

Wedding Dress

Cleaning and


Your wedding gown is the most precious garment you will ever own. Many women 

care instructions read “professional care is best? Since care labels are not required on household items, save any care instructions that may be on a temporary label or on the packaging. At Village Cleaners, we strongly suggest that all matching or coordinating items be cleaned at the same time. This way any color changes, however minimal, will be uniform. Whatever the circumstance, we double check all available information and examine the fabric and construction before beginning any cleaning process. Contact us for more information.
can't trust just anyone to clean these garments. Over the years, Village Cleaners has developed the expertise to handle the delicate cleaning needs required by many area executives and celebrities. Fine garment cleaning is priced individually and is based upon several factors including: type of fabric, intricacy of the garment, presence of stains, and turnaround time. Contact us today so we can provide you with a quote.

Fine Garment Cleaning

If you have suits, dresses or other clothing that are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars you 

however, require special handling and treatment to be cleaned correctly, without fading or damaging them. Care must be taken that the rug is properly processed to avoid fraying, discoloration or shrinking. We have the expertise and experience to make sure your expensive decorator rug is done right.


Stain Removal

Time waits for nothing – including your stained garments. Studies by the International Fabricare

that have been in this profession for many years. You can bring in your clothing and have one of our experienced tailors mark up what is supposed to be changed versus trying to do it yourself prior to coming in like most places. We remove pleats and cuffs from men's slacks giving them a whole new look. And we taper shirts to fit your body style. We hem your favorite jeans and keep the "original hem" so you keep the original look. We specialize in Proms, Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses. We alter all women's garments. Contact us for more information.

are fortunate to be able to use the wedding dress that has been handed down through the generations. Village Cleaners specializes in cleaning dresses that have not been worn in many years and the fabric may be delicate or damaged. We can clean and restore that cherished wedding dress.

After the big day, keep your dress as special as your wedding-day memories. Bring your gown to us as soon as possible after your wedding. Many soda, wine, champagne and perspiration stains may be invisible until weeks or months later when they become impossible to remove. After your gown is cleaned and pressed, we pad the sleeves and bodice with acid-free tissue paper. Your gown is then packaged in an heirloom box to keep out damaging light.

Institute (IFI) prove that the sooner you bring your stained garment to a professional dry cleaner, the more likely it can be removed. Most but not all stains can be removed even by an expert stain removal technician. Many factors determining if a stain will be removed are: type of stain, the type of fabric, and the length of time the stain has remained on the fabric. Stains from some dyes, medicine, or ink may not be completely removed because they contain permanent dyeing matter. The most common stains are food and beverage stains. Salad oils, other food fats, and greases oxidize over time, leaving a tan or yellow stains. Other food and beverages contain animal proteins (i.e., dairy products), tannins (coffee, tea), or sugars ( juices, soda, alcohol) that can similarly oxidize with age, discolor , and become permanently set.
Age of Stain         Probability of Removal       
Within 24 Hours      90% or better       
Within 7 Days          79.8%       
Within 21 Days        53.1%  

(Note: The above referenced figures are provided by the International Fabricare Institute should serve as a guideline. Each stain and fabric is unique; and although we do our best, the best results cannot be guaranteed.)

If you spill something on your clothing, do not wipe it. Always blot it. By attempting to remove a stain with a household stain removal remedy on certain fabrics and substances, you could unknowingly be setting the stain, making it difficult or even impossible for your professional dry cleaner to remove.

At Village Cleaners, we have spot removing agents, equipment and experience superior to any household solution you might try. Don’t take chances with your garments– instead take them to Village Cleaners.

restore your leather garment. Always clean all matching items at the same time. If staining occurs, bring it to us as soon as possible. DO NOT try to remove spots yourself. And because we are very good at what we do, if there are concerns about a particular garment, we’ll take time to advise you before proceeding.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is usually cleaned by a professional cleaning process while still on the furniture. This ensures that